Hauliers Encouraged to Reduce Empty Journeys

Hauliers Encouraged to Reduce Empty Journeys

Empty journeys are costly for haulage companies but also for the environment, and so fleet managers are being urged to look at initiatives to minimise them.

It is estimated that 40 million miles are wasted by hauliers running empty every day. As well as the obvious fuel costs involved, there are administrative costs and expenses involved in the time wasted which could be used for productive journeys.

It also contributes needlessly to road congestion and carbon emissions through wasted diesel. Therefore companies are looking for ways to reduce empty journeys, by planning journeys, sharing loads and working with other companies. A website such as returnloads.net is aiming to help hauliers in this by offering an online marketplace through which fleet managers can find loads close a truck’s location, so after making a delivery the driver can collect another load.

Companies such as UKFuels fuel card help companies to manage their costs and plan journeys effectively. Using online route finders and tools such as returnloads.net enable fleet managers to make the most of journeys and find the best fuel prices on the way.