BP Fleet Fuel Card

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BP Fleet Fuel Card

  • Recommended for
    small to medium fleets
  • Free online management
    and route mapping tools

Enjoy access to a huge network of 2,766 filling station, plus whether at an in-town forecourt or a premium motorway service station, you pay just one price at every BP station meaning even bigger savings.

Key facts

  • 2,766 sites across the UK.
  • Pay just one price at every BP station for great savings.
  • Receive HMRC-approved invoices and easily claim back VAT.
  • Advanced management tools for monitoring fuel use thrown in as standard.
  • Site locator showing all suitable filling stations included as free smartphone download.

Where can I use it?

The BP Fleet fuel card provides access to the largest branded motorway and A road network, with a total coverage of over 2,766 BP and Texaco filling stations across the UK.

How much will it cost?

With the BP Fleet fuel card, you pay ‘one price at every BP station’, no matter if it is an in town forecourt or a premium motorway service station. Weekly fixed pricing also means you can accurately predict fuel expenditure to keep on top of budgets, and with the BP Fleet fuel card you’ll typically see savings of up to three pence per litre on average UK pump prices, making it one of the most competitive fuel cards available.

Is it secure?

All fuel cards are PIN protected, minimising the risk of fraud if lost or stolen. The cards can also be allocated to specific drivers or vehicles and purchasing restrictions placed on each card to reduce the risk of misuse by company drivers.

Plus, with Velocity account management, fleet managers can quickly identify unusual or suspicious purchases and take appropriate action.

How will it make fuel management easier?

Fuel management will be simplified with the BP Fleet fuel card in three ways.

  1. Invoicing – all transactions are listed on a single, HMRC-approved invoice that makes claiming back VAT a simple job.
  2. Reporting – an online account management tool comes as standard with this fuel card, allowing you to monitor fuel use and fuel spend from your desk or on your phone.
  3. Mapping – a downloadable site locator showing all suitable filling stations comes free with this fuel card.

To learn more about the advanced management tool that comes with this fuel card, see here.

Discover more about this fuel card’s mapping options here.

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BP Fleet Fuel Card

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