Where can I find the best fuel cards?

Where can I find the best fuel cards?

Not only do fuel cards offer savings on fuel purchases and add significant security benefits for your company’s drivers (eliminating cash transactions from the equation), but they also reduce the amount of laborious administration and paperwork issues involved with pay & reclaim.

There are a wide variety of fuel cards on the market, each suited to a specific type of fleet, individual or group. If a small company only has six or seven vans travelling locally, then they will probably need a different type of card to another that operates a variety of vehicles over the entirety of the UK.

The Shell Fleet Fuel Card is one option that is especially suited to a fleet of HGV’s. Shell has a comprehensive network of more than 3,500 sites, including many that accommodate some of the country’s largest vehicles. All its fuel cards also come with fuel management systems allowing you to account for every last drop of petrol or diesel. Shell’s prices are highly competitive, and they boast premium quality fuel.

If your fleet requires a fuel card option for use on the continent then the European Diesel Fuel Card may be the right choice for you. It offers commercially priced diesel from an ever expanding network of more than 3,000 sites spread across 19 countries in Europe. Although, not by any means, exclusive to the haulage market the excellent rates available combined with the large number of HGV compatible sites make the EDC fuel card a great choice for the haulier with a European requirement.

However, what all of our fuel cards have in common are their advanced account management tools. It is these tools that many of our customers say is there number one reason for using fuel cards, because they prove unparalleled reporting and control of fuel use.

Speak to one of our advisors today and let them direct you to the right fuel card for your fleet needs.