Diesel Tracker Fuel Card

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Diesel Tracker card

  • Unique pricing linked to
    the publicly quoted, European trade price for diesel
  • 24-hour access to
    Velocity – our online fleet management system

With the majority of our stations open 24-hours a day, including most major truck stops and all Morrisons supermarket sites, the Diesel Tracker fuel card is the perfect choice for fleets that never stop. Our unique pricing, linked to the publicly quoted, European trade price for diesel, ensures that you benefit from competitive pricing week after week.

Key facts

  • A network of over 1,200 sites, including all Morrisons supermarket sites, most major truck stops, and many independent fuel stations.
  • Innovative pricing linked to the European trade price for diesel.
  • Receive HMRC-approved invoices so that you can easily claim back VAT.
  • Our online fleet management system, Velocity, offers you control of your accounts at the click of a button.
  • Our e-route site locator means that you and your drivers will always know the location of your nearest site.

Where can I use it?

The Diesel Tracker network is comprised of more than 1,200 sites across the UK,including most major truck stops, all Morrisons supermarket sites and many independent fuel stations. Most of these are open 24 hour a day 7 days a week, so your busy fleet will always have options.

How much will it cost?

Diesel Tracker is uniquely linked to the publicly quoted, European trade price for diesel. You will benefit from competitive pricing week after week, and you will be minimising the risk associated with fluctuation fuel prices.

Is it secure?

Your Diesel Tracker card provides online authorisation limits, so you have the ability to set card limits and stop cards 24/7. Velocity, our online fleet management system, includes advanced reporting tools that help you to limit the potential misuse of your business fuel cards.

How will it make fuel management easier?

Fuel management will be simplified with the Diesel Tracker card in three ways.

  1. Invoicing – all transactions are listed on a single, HMRC-approved invoice that makes claiming back VAT a simple task.
  2. Reporting – our online management tool comes as standard, allowing you to monitor fuel use and fuel spend from your desk or smartphone.
  3. Mapping – our downloadable site locator shows all suitable filling stations, making life easier for you and your drivers.

To learn more about the advanced management tool that comes with this fuel card, see here.

Discover more about this fuel card’s mapping options here.

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