Driving for Cheaper Fuel Prices is…More Expensive?

Driving for Cheaper Fuel Prices is…More Expensive?

As fuel prices continue to increase, searching for the cheapest prices is becoming more important for businesses to ensure they are only spending what they have to on their fleets and fuel usage. The problem many drivers are facing is that the cheapest refuelling stations can be far away and this means drivers are spending more money to get cheaper prices on petrol and diesel.

How is this possible?

There is no set list of what stations offer what prices and this makes it difficult for drivers to find the best deals – especially if they are travelling across the country on a regular basis. Taking advantage of local knowledge can be useful but not everyone will know of the best prices and searching for the best price could cost you more in the long run, as you spend more time and fuel looking and getting to those value prices.

If your drivers are doing this, petrol vehicles could be using an extra £8 worth of fuel a month, and diesel drivers could be using up to £21 of fuel a month. These figures may seem low, but over a year they build up, and with large fleets involved, these figures will not help any business.

Keeping track of the prices

One sure-fire way to combat this problem is to have drivers keep a log of prices at different stations when the can. This is easier if the business operates locally or regionally but for drivers operating nationally, it will build a picture of where to find the best value on fuel. Prices will changes but the cheaper stations will often still be cheaper if prices increase and keeping a table or record of these locations can help save your business money.