Eco-Driving Habits Can Save You 20% on Fuel

Eco-Driving Habits Can Save You 20% on Fuel

A new campaign by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has been launched encouraging drivers to adopt as many eco-driving habits as possible to help them save up to 20% on fuel costs. This comes at a time when increasing fuel prices are causing more headaches for motorists across the country.

What are eco-driving habits?

Eco-driving habits are aspects of driving that encourage drivers to be environmentally friendly with the vehicle and driving as much as possible. There are plenty of guidelines you can follow but they all follow a similar line: how to use less fuel on your journey and save money on filling up.

Examples of eco-driving habits are to avoid sudden acceleration and braking as driving at a more consistent pace will use less fuel. Going along the same lines, ensuring you are in the correct gear will mean the engine isn’t working too hard and if you don’t use the air conditioning in your vehicle as much as possible, you will save a lot more fuel on every journey.

What else can be done to help?

You can save money by making use of a fuel card, and while there is a huge range to choose from, you will be able to find one to suit your needs. This will give you the best prices in certain locations, or with specific stations and brands. Planning your journey in advance can help you find the routes that will let you avoid high fuel prices and travel at a consistent pace. By removing excess weight from your vehicle, you will also save on fuel as extra weight consumes more fuel on every journey.