Effective Ways to Save Money on Fuel

Effective Ways to Save Money on Fuel

Saving money on fuel is one of the most important aspects of fleet management at the moment, with fuel costs constantly on the rise. There are plenty of ways to cut down on a vehicle’s fuel consumption that will help with the cost of petrol and diesel, and they don’t all involve moving to hybrid technology, which is still a lot more expensive in the short-term and don’t always provide the long-term benefit needed.

Vehicle Maintenance

Finding the best price for fuel is a good way to start but it is important to know if you’ll end up using more fuel to reach the cheaper prices, which means you are wasting fuel and spending more money in the long run.

Drivers should be checking tyre pressures regularly, as this has a direct impact on fuel consumption and can be corrected easier than other issues. The engine oil should also be changed regularly to keep the engine as efficient as possible. Remove excess weight that doesn’t need to be in the vehicle, including roof racks, to make the car lighter and use less fuel. One of the biggest ways to cut back on fuel consumption is to avoid using the air condition system as much as possible and open windows when it is suitable to do so.

Driver influence

The driver also has a direct impact on fuel consumption. Driving at a consistent speed will use less fuel, with sudden braking and sharp accelerating both using more fuel. Driving in the correct gear puts less pressure on the engine and allows it to use less fuel. Driving over 70mph will use more fuel, even if you do drive at consistent speeds, and fuel cards can also give you cheaper prices at stations in an area or across the country.