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European Diesel Fuel Card

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European Diesel fuel cards are the ideal choice for fleets with international fuel needs. With 9,042 sites across 21 countries, you’ll benefit from excellent pan-European coverage.

Key facts

  • 9,042 sites across 21 European countries.
  • Weekly fixed pricing at highly competitive rates.
  • Receive HMRC-approved invoices and easily claim back VAT.
  • Advanced management tools for monitoring fuel use thrown in as standard.
  • Site locator showing all suitable filling stations included as free smartphone download.

Where can I use it?

The European Diesel fuel card can be used at 9,042 sites across Europe. This includes a high number of dedicated HGV sites and filling stations strategically located for maximum efficiency when driving through the continent.

How much will it cost?

Weekly fixed pricing means you can plan fuel expenditure knowing exactly what you’ll be paying per litre.

Is it secure?

The European Diesel fuel card can be set up with PIN protection, plus allocated to specific drivers or vehicles so cannot be misused should it fall into the wrong hands. Transaction limits can also be placed on the fuel card for added security.

With advanced monitoring capabilities through our fuel cards, identifying suspicious transactions becomes easier too.

How will it make fuel management easier?

Fuel management will be simplified with the European Diesel fuel card in three ways.

  1. Invoicing – all transactions are listed on a single, HMRC-approved invoice that makes claiming back VAT simple.
  2. Reporting – an online account management tool comes as standard with this fuel card, allowing you to monitor fuel use and fuel spend from your desk or smartphone.
  3. Mapping – a downloadable site locator showing all suitable filling stations comes free with this fuel card.
  4. European VAT recovery and Toll solutions are available as an optional extra.

To learn more about the advanced management tool that comes with this fuel card, see here.

Discover more about this fuel card’s mapping options here.

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