Fuel Card Benefits

Fuel Card Benefits

What are the benefits of fuel cards?

It might seem easy to just keep using credit cards or cash to keep paying for fuel, and then process the receipts from your drivers. But fuel cards offer a range of benefits for you and your drivers.

The main fuel card benefits are:

A simple payment solution for drivers – they don’t have to pay upfront for fuel, or worry about keeping receipts, as all transactions are recorded online.

Powerful online management and reporting tools – you will be able to view all your transactions through fuel management software. You can run reports on drivers, vehicles, regions or departments so that you can understand how your money is being spent, and how you can save.

PIN Security – set PIN access for your cards so only your staff can use them.

Control – you can also specify what drivers can buy with the card, including extras such as car washes and goods.

Easy payment and VAT approved invoices – make one payment by direct debit and receive a convenient electronic bill. You will be able to view all your transactions, and receive an HMRC approved invoice. No more processing multiple payments and paying expenses; just one easy bill.

A huge choice of networks and fuel companies – you can select from a range of cards, to pick a network of filling stations that suits your company. Whether you travel mainly by motorway, locally, or within Europe there is something to suit you.

Potential cost savings – cards offer different pricing options. You can pay competitive pump prices or benefit from weekly fixed prices depending on your fleet. By planning journeys and understanding your spending you can look for ways to save money and take advantage of the best prices.

The benefits of fuel cards are applicable to companies large and small, and with all types of fleets. You reduce your administration and the time you spend processing payments, and your drivers have a convenient way to pay for fuel.

Fuel cards are highly secure, easy to use and give your business powerful information about fuel consumption. The benefits of fuel cards are clear, and with no joining fees or hidden charges there is no reason not to use them.

Use our online tools to compare fuel cards and find the right one for your business.