Fuel Card Glossary

Fuel Card Glossary

As a leading supplier of fuel cards, we work with many of the fuel industry’s leading companies. We offer a range of cards and networks that differ in what they offer. It’s important that you make the right choice when selecting your company’s fuel card, and to do this you need to understand the terminology being used.

Fuel cards also give you excellent information about your drivers, their journeys, filling habits and costs once your account is set up. This information can be meaningless though if you are unsure about the terms used.

With this in mind we have put together a glossary of fuel card terms to help you.

You can refer to this fuel card glossary at any point. Use it to help you select the right fuel card network for your company by understanding the difference between cards, or for interpreting the information in your fuel reports.

Ad Blue Services – A non-toxic diesel exhaust fluid made up of high purity urea and deionised water used to treat exhausts on diesel engines.

BP Fuel Card – Fuel cards with access to up to 3,000 sites (1,200 BP sites, 1,000 Texaco sites, 800 Total sites). For diesel, petrol and lube services.

Bunker Cards – Accepted at up to 3,000 sites, with fixed commercial pricing specifically for diesel lube and Ad Blue services.

Business Fuel Card – Pay for business related journeys using this fuel card.

CRT– Abbreviation for “Commercial Road Transport”. Shell CRT fuel cards offer a commercial fuel card transport service for HGVs, coaches and vans.

EDC – Abbreviation for “European Diesel Card”.

Esso – Can be used at up to 1,700 sites, with pump-related pricing, free set up and diesel, petrol and lube services.

Fixed Commercial Pricing – A fee that does not change with the increase or decrease in the amount of services used.

Fuel Card Benefits in Kind – Rewards that can be claimed on behalf of your fleets and their circumstances i.e. type of fuel used, CO2 output of the vehicles etc.

Fuel Card Programme – Online fuel management programme to monitor fuel consumption and related costs.

HGV – Abbreviation for “Heavy Goods Vehicle”.

LGV – Abbreviation for “Large Goods Vehicle”.

Lube Oil – A lubricant for engines. Part of the services available on most fuel cards.

Mixed Fleet – A group of drivers with different vehicle types and journey types.

PPL – Abbreviation for “Price per Litre”.

PSV – Abbreviation for “Public Service Vehicle”.

Shell Card – Can be used at up to 2,500 sites with pump-related pricing, no set up fees with diesel, petrol and lube services.

Small Business Fuel Card – Fuel card for small fleets and networks.

Texaco Fuel Card – Can be used at up to 1,000 Texaco sites with pump-related pricing, free set up and diesel, petrol and lube services.

Truck Driver Fuel Cards – For those who run trucking companies and manage a number of truck drivers.