Fuel Card Programmes

Fuel Card Programmes

Did you know that when you use fuel cards you get much more than just a card for your drivers to use?
You get a whole fuel card programme to help you manage your fleet.

Every transaction your drivers make is recorded in a centralised system which acts as your own reporting tool. An online fuel card programme lets you monitor how much your drivers spend and where they’re filling up, and you can run reports on individual drivers or vehicles, or regions and departments of your business. This information is crucial to understanding how your money is being spent and how you can make savings, as well as planning future budgets.

Fuel card programmes also make it easier to pay for your fuel. Your drivers use the cards in a similar way to a credit card, and you pay for their transactions by a convenient direct debit. You will receive electronic bills which will give details of spending and HMRC approved invoices.

Journey planning and control over your fuel expenses is important for you to run your fleet efficiently. Fuel card programmes give you access to all the information you need to lower costs and manage your fleet. You can use route planning tools to see where the most convenient filling stations are plus you get the opportunity with some cards to eliminate regional variations in diesel prices and you can analyse driver behaviour to find areas in which you can save money.

No matter what type of fleet you have there is a scheme and fuel card programme to suit your needs.