Make fuel cards part of your 2015 strategy

Make fuel cards part of your 2015 strategy

As the year begins in earnest, there is no better time to review fleet fuel management strategies. Fuel cards could not only make paying for fuel easier in 2015, but also provide powerful information about your fleet’s behaviour resulting in serious savings over the course of the year.

When you set up a fuel card account, you will receive access to an online fuel management solution which will reduce your administration and make it easier for you to plan your budget and save money. As well as offering a centralised way to pay for fuel (cutting out processing receipts and reimbursing staff expenses), the system will provide you with itemised billing so you can view all the payments that have been made on the account in one central place.

Fuel management systems also offer you and your company an easy way to gather information about your fleet and manage it accordingly. For example you can group drivers into departments or locations so that you can work out which areas of your business are the most expensive in terms of fuel and address these with training if required.

Fuel-Efficiency-Sign-300x140These reporting tools will not only allow you to easily view data and share it with others in the business – they will also assist you in planning and managing your fleet’s future activities.

Fuel cards give you a network of filling stations, along with journey planning tools. You can work out the cheapest routes for your drivers and look at ways to improve fuel efficiency. This also makes it easier for you to monitor prices and predict what your fuel expenses will be – very useful in this fluctuating market.

Trying to monitor and manage this information manually is very time consuming and can be unreliable. Processing receipts and recording expenditure gives you limited insight into the journeys your mobile employees are making. A fleet fuel management system provides you with all information at the click of a button.

Finding out how fuel cards can improve your fleet management in 2015 takes less than 30 seconds. Just use our fuel card selector tool here.