Motorists Feeling the Pressure of Higher Fuel Costs

Motorists Feeling the Pressure of Higher Fuel Costs

New research suggests that motorists believe they are spending almost £15 a month more on fuel than they were this time last year. It doesn’t sound a like a lot on its own but that’s almost £180 a year extra if the pattern remains the same and it shows how aware cash strapped consumers are of the current situation.

Why motorists are feeling the squeeze

Motorists are feeling the squeeze because fuel is so important in everyday life. It’s not always possible to make use of public transport and some jobs rely on having a car to complete daily tasks. While there is some support for work purposes, this rarely covers the cost of travelling to work, which is just one of the reasons why fuel is so important.

Motorists are trying every trick in the book to cut back on costs. Fuel is something they can’t avoid and need daily so it’s other aspects of their lives that suffer. There is the option to invest in technology that can help but it is still very expensive in the short-term and most motorists can’t afford that initial cost.

Trying to save money on fuel

There a range of ways motorists can save money on their petrol and diesel, with fuel cards being one option to do so. With so many options available, you will be able to find one that suits your situation and gives you the best prices.

Additionally, ensuring your car is in prime condition will help ease fuel consumption and you will refill less often. Investing in fuel efficient technology might be expensive in the short term but could provide a larger long-term gain.