Navigating the Jekyll and Hyde of Fuel Prices

Navigating the Jekyll and Hyde of Fuel Prices

Fuel prices have always varied across the country, and regional variances are common but a bigger divide is developing across much smaller areas that is causing confusion and dismay among motorists and businesses. Local knowledge is becoming essential in finding the cheapest fuel prices, but there are still plans being developed that will allow fuel prices to be published online, allowing drivers to plan their routes more effectively.

The impact on motorists

So what impact does this have on your business? Well, your drivers are going to have to spend more time finding the best prices for fuel on every journey they make. Operating and travelling within a region or area can quickly give them an idea of the best places to refill but if they are travelling across the country, they won’t always know the differences between one station and the next one. Waiting too long can see you forced into refuelling at an expensive station and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

The national average had previously hidden regional variances to an extent but the 5ppl lift in early July has been passed on by some services and hidden by others, bringing the issue into the spotlight.

Finding the best price

Unfortunately, there’s no guide to fuel prices in different areas you can take advantage of. Some people might have posted their own articles or guides for certain areas but these won’t be updated all the time and the information can quickly become out-dated. Keeping a track of which stations are cheaper will help, as well as investing in a fuel card to provide stable prices that can make big differences in the long run.