Rural Areas could see a Reduction in Fuel Prices

Rural Areas could see a Reduction in Fuel Prices

The Government has proposed a fuel cut to rural areas of the UK that suffer from high prices due to higher costs to transport the petrol and diesel to those locations.  Evidence is being gathered from rural areas of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to prove that fuel prices have been consistently high before any reduction can be granted, with overall approval coming from the European Commission.

Where did it start?

This deduction started with islanders off the coast of Scotland and Scilly receiving a 5p discount to compensate the increased prices due to transporting the fuel offshore. This has helped to keep prices more manageable in these areas but has not been rolled out across the UK, even in areas where prices are still very high.

The UK Government is looking at other areas of the country where fuel prices are high, and have been for a period of time, to possibly introduce a duty cut that will help motorists manage the costs better. This is a welcome sign in all proposed areas but the problem does not end there.

Dealing with repercussions

There is a potential backlash among other areas of the UK that won’t receive this reduction. While living in a rural area puts more pressure on people to drive to reach places of work and supplies, everyone across the country is suffering from high fuel prices and a lot of people are complaining that they need help as well. Whether this will happen is unknown at this time but no plans have been put forward.