Supermarkets are urged to Price-Match Petrol

Supermarkets are urged to Price-Match Petrol

Supermarkets run price-matching campaigns across a range of products in-store, but this never extends to petrol and diesel, much to the dismay of motorists everywhere. This is even worse when you consider that fuel prices are a hot topic all over the country and businesses are desperate to make savings on this product. So, why are supermarkets not listening to the mass market?

Why there’s not a national price

Supermarkets have always aimed to provide the best prices for consumers, which is why regional variances are so common. Some products do have a minimum price applied across the board but even this can be reduced to beat competitors. Price-checks are done often to ensure that even if not all products are cheaper, enough of the highest sellers combine to provide a reduced total.

This doesn’t work with fuel because there is a much smaller range of products – but why there are so many differences in one area or region is baffling for motorists. Surely a fuel station five minutes away can’t justify a 3ppl difference between the two?

Are motorists being ripped off?

It’s the question on everyone’s mind all across the country. The cost of road fuel is constantly going up, and supermarkets are often cheaper to refill at but that doesn’t mean the prices reasonable. So many of us are used to price-matching promises from supermarkets, and since this does not include fuel prices, especially with such large variances in sometimes very small areas, it is easy to feel ripped off as the battle between fuel suppliers rages on.