The Murky World of Fuel Prices

The Murky World of Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are always a hot topic, with the increasing prices a concern for motorists across the UK. There are plenty of reports and graphs to show that even when prices do drop for oil, these savings are rarely passed on to the consumer for the full amount that could be saved.

Why is the market so unclear?

It’s hard to suggest one definite reason as to why the market is so cloudy. Recent reports over a potential price scandal play a part, as do decreasing supplies of oil and materials used to make petrol and diesel. Transport costs can also play an important role. These reasons, and more, make it difficult to get to the bottom of where any possible problems might be and how to fix them.

Companies are very reluctant to be open about their business so the consumer can feel cut off from what is happening and why they are paying these high prices. Yet, it is still so important in everyday life to have access to fuel to get to work, travel to shops or for personal reasons.

Is there social injustice?

Fuel prices hit everyone in some way, whether it is because of transport costs, supply costs or purchasing the fuel yourself, it is very expensive. With the difference in social classes it is even more obvious that those on lower incomes feel the strain as they have less money to budget in the beginning.

A clearer fuel industry would help shed some light as to what is happening, and if changes are needed. The biggest change, which most consumers would agree on, is the price should come down but since we don’t understand the processes behind the suppliers, it’s unlikely to happen soon. The other option is to wait for new fuel technology and hope it presents more economical solution to all, regardless of their income.

Alternatively, offer a more realistic way to reduce the amount you spend on fuel. Further details can be found here.