Who has the best fuel card services?

Who has the best fuel card services?

Even basic fuel card services can present significant advantages to companies with large or small fleets. However, determining the best fuel card services for your company can generate substantial savings, increase efficiency and improve financial management related to fuel. Four primary factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a fuel card service: network, pricing, set-up cost and services available. Each company has different needs and should explore the market to find the best fuel card services available. 

Particularly for a large fleet that travels widely, network is a vitally important consideration. Each fuel card service is paired with a set number of filling stations nationwide, while some networks extend across Europe. Large companies, such as Shell and BP, have up to 3,000 partnered filling stations. Managers should also consider their drivers routes and ensure that they are densely covered by the network. 

Two pricing systems are common among fuel card providers: pump related pricing, under which fuel cards are used to pay the advertised price, and fixed commercial pricing, which establishes a set weekly fuel price, which fuel card holders can pay at any station in the network. The set price is usually lower than the pump price, so these are generally the best fuel card services in terms of savings. 

Most fuel card services have no set-up costs. However, finding the best fuel card service does require substantial input of time and labour.

Finally, fuel card services offer some or all of the following services: petrol, diesel, and maintenance services such as lube or ad blue. However, the best choice for you depends on the nature and needs of your fleet.